Starz Planning Black Samurai TV Series Starring Common

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Agosto 23, 2017

Common is headed to Starz.

The story centers on Robert Sand (Common), a skilled American Army Ranger whose life changes drastically when a legendary Japanese master invites him to train as a samurai. When his sensei and his samurai brothers are killed by mercenaries, Sand goes on a worldwide journey of revenge and self-discovery.

As of now, Black Samurai remains in development, and there is no information regarding when it will air. Common, who will also executive produce the series, is known for his appearances in Selma, Smokin' Aces, Wanted, Now You See Me, Girls Trip, Terminator Salvation, Hell on Wheels, Suicide Squad, and John Wick: Chapter 2.

The first novel, titled Black Samurai, was adapted into a blaxploitation film in 1977, directed by Al Adamson and starring Jim Kelly in the leading role.

United States cablenet Starz is developing an action-drama series in conjunction with U.S. producer Jerry Bruckheimer Television. The show will mix martial arts and spy genres and will be accompanied by the music of Common and Wu-Tang Clan. Common and RZA expressed their excitement for introducing the character to modern audiences, especially since it's "a unique and special project that offers something rarely seen in art and culture today", according to Common.

The series is now in development at Starz, a Lionsgate Company.

"I can't wait to dig into this character and the martial arts worlds of gun fu, kung fu, jujitsu and more", Common said in a statement.

Common is slashing swords and taking names, samurai style. Added Bruckheimer, "This incredible creative team will combine all of their talents and experience to bring the classic book series to brand new life with cutting edge artistry, music, and imagery".

The film follows a martial arts badass Robert Sand (Jim Kelly), who becomes an agent of an organization called D.R.A.G.O.N. (Defense Reserve Agency Guardian Of Nations) and saves the world from insane villains and even crazier schemes.

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