Hillary Clinton calls Trump a 'creep' in her new book

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 23, 2017

Clinton says the book, "What Happened", is about moments from the campaign she wishes she could do over, including her reaction to now-President Donald Trump tracking Clinton around the stage at her second debate with him, days after a tape was released in which Trump bragged about being able to grope women. "Maybe I have over-learned the lesson of staying calm, biting my tongue, digging my finger nails into a clenched fist, smiling all the while, determined to present a composed face to the world", she said. Get away from me. "I know you love to intimidate women, but you can't intimidate me so back up, '" Clinton writes in an excerpt released Wednesday morning on MSNBC's "Morning Joe".

The former secretary of state, senator and first lady said she chose "option A" because she had been 'aided by a lifetime of dealing with hard men trying to throw me off'.

In the book, the former Democratic presidential candidate spoke about her experience in the debates, against Trump, adding that Trump looming behind her on stage made her "skin crawl".

Hillary Clinton has come out with a memoir in which she describes what it was like to run the USA presidential election against Donald Trump, the mistakes she made and how she has coped with her loss.

Looking back, she said she wondered if she should have chosen option B. For nothing else, for 'better TV'. "It was one of those moments where you wish you could hit pause and ask everyone watching, Well, what would you do?"

The book hits stores on September 12. It was exhilarating, joyful, humbling, infuriating and just plain baffling.

In another, Clinton states that she's not writing a comprehensive review of the election, but is telling her story. "Now Im letting my guards down", she says.

She goes on to say that she felt millions of people were counting on her as she ran for president, and she feels she let them down. "I couldn't get the job done, and I'll have to live with that for the rest of my life".

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