Here is how Netflix is watching your every move

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Agosto 23, 2017

It may not lead directly to The Defenders, but that's the plan; once new viewers get a taste of the Netflix/Marvel universe and the street-level heroism you don't see in say, the MCU, the hope is they'll be invested enough to join one hero in meeting the other three.

Some 80% of all programmes viewed on Netflix are found through suggestions on the home page of the app or website and a result, one in five viewers who watched Stranger Things were new to horror when they watched the show and one in seven people who watched Black Mirror had never chosen science fiction before.

It's been shown that if you're a fan of sharp humour, strong females and dark crime you'll be recommended Jessica Jones.

There are over 104 million members around the world and over 1,000 hours of content coming to Netflix this year alone.

It turns out that Netlfix don't just judge what you like by genres and actors, but by the types of story lines that appeal to you.

"The algorithm isn't static, it's constantly learning and improving".

"It was engineered out of necessity - the sheer volume of content meant we couldn't expect members to scroll through thousands of titles, so we needed to help them find and discover content they'd love".

"The early days, we learned a lot - just because someone watches a lot of horror doesn't mean they necessarily want exclusively horror. This is why we continue to redefine the art of personalization", he said. "There is no "average" Netflix member: every single one is unique". We also have to know about the viewer.

"Our algorithms enable us to do that".

"The end result is how we present the catalogue uniquely to each member, bubbling to the top of the experience titles that are both relevant and diverse".

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