Three-year-old crying child in Virat Kohli's Instagram post is Toshi's niece

Rufina Vignone
Agosto 22, 2017

Toshi and Sharib Sabri are Bollywood singers who shot to fame after giving their voice for the movie Raaz: The Mystery Continues. The kid is 3 years old. When the singer was contacted he said he never thought this video which was made for a family group would go viral.

He adds that Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan don't know about their family. Hamare bachche ke bare mein humein pata hai naah ki hamara baccha kaisa hai. Uska nature hai waisa. Agar aap usko chod do toh who kahengi main mazzak kar rahi thi. "Uske nature ki wajah se chod denge toh woh padai bhi nahi kari paayengi", Toshi told Hindustan Times. Haya's nature is such that after being scolded, the next minute she runs off to play. That disturbing video was shared by many other cricketers and celebrities. He said that the actual "intention" of the video was to show that the kid has become stubborn and doesn't listen to her mother.

Toshi said the child was stubborn and it was important she paid attention to studies. Expressing his anger, Kohli had written, "The fact that the pain and anger of the child are ignored and one's own ego to make the child learn is so massive that compassion has totally gone out of the window".

He also said that Haya, the girl, is only 3 years old and is the daughter of his younger sister. In every house there are different kind of children.

"One can't judge a mother's love for the child by seeing a short video".

He even asks whether parents should stop their children from teaching if they throw tantrums? "It's not easy to raise children", Toshi went on.

Just in case you haven't seen the video, here it is.

Well, now that you know which family the child belongs to, do you agree with the statements of Shariba and Toshi?

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