Splatoon 2 adds 'Lost Outpost' stage today, 'Manta Maria' stage this weekend

Geronimo Vena
Agosto 22, 2017

Nintendo has released a new video for Splatoon 2 that details new content coming to the game soon. It's a large sailboat moored at a harbor. You can get a look at it in the trailer below.

Splatoon 2 will add the "Lost Outpost" stage to the Salmon Run stages later today, and the "Manta Maria" stage to the Turf War and Ranked Battle stages this weekend via free content updates, Nintendo announced.

According to the lore, this place used to be inhabited but was lost due to rising sea levels. Teamwork here is especially vital, as the stage features many walls that obstruct your view. This stage will be available tomorrow on Wednesday, August 23rd.

Finally, the new special is called the Bubble Blower, and it can fire up to three enormous bubbles when activated. This means you can use the bubbles both offensively and defensively-but the bubbles can also explode in your face if your enemy shoots your projectiles down.

Then, from Saturday 2nd September, the new Bubble Blower special weapon will become available - first in a weapon set with the Forge Splattershot Pro.

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