Score for Beatles hit 'Eleanor Rigby' up for auction

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Agosto 22, 2017

In the odd circumstance, the name Eleanor Rigby was inscribed on a headstone in a Liverpool graveyard where McCartney first met John Lennon.

The song of the same name, written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, appeared on the Revolver album in 1966 and was also released as a single.

Next month, the burial plot, along with a miniature Bible belonging to the the real Eleanor Rigby, will go up for sale at the Beatles Memorabilia Auction in Warrington, Cheshire.

They're expected to reach between £2,000 and £4,000, and whoever buys them will have the right to be buried on top of Ms Rigby in St Peter's churchyard in Woolton, Liverpool.

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THE haunting tale of Eleanor Rigby stands out among The Beatles' repertoire as a departure from the band's early, jolly love songs.

The handwritten score, which is expected to fetch $26,000 Dollars, was penned by late producer George Martin and is autographed by both Martin and Paul McCartney.

Omega Auctions executive Paul Fairweather tells BBC News that he thinks it's an "incredible coincidence" that the score and the grave deeds are being sold at the same time. But it later emerged that it was inscribed on a headstone in the graveyard which he and Lennon used to regularly use as a shortcut.

They were discovered by a relative when the estate of two of Rigby's half-sisters was left to the family.

However, the 75-year-old maintains that he came up with the title by combining the name of actress Eleanor Bron, who co-starred with the group in the film Help!, with a shop in Bristol belonging to Rigby and Evens.

Once the rights have expired, no further burials can take place until the grave is purchased again. The last person to be buried in Eleanor Rigby's family grave was laid to rest in 1949, 68 years ago.

The rights to the grave and a handwritten score of the song, signed by Beatle Paul McCartney and producer George Martin, will be sold as well as a miniature Bible with Rigby's name dated 1899 at a Beatles memorabilia auction on September 11 in Warrington, UK.

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