Red Hat, Microsoft simplify containers for hybrid clouds

Geronimo Vena
Agosto 22, 2017

Microsoft and Red Hat have a longstanding enterprise cloud partnership, and today the two tech giants reveal an expansion which sees Windows Server containers receiving native support on the OpenShift platform.

Microsoft and Red Hat have extended their alliance to offer new integrations and make container adoption easier in the enterprise.

With this support, Red Hat OpenShift will become the first Kubernetes-based platform that can support Linux and Windows Server container workloads in a single platform, the release said.

By offering OpenShift Dedicated on Azure, customers can utilize the container platform without having to invest a ton of resources in managing it, as Red Hat handles that on its end.

"Combined with our integrated support teams, we're able to offer an achievable pathway to digital transformation that offers the capabilities, flexibility and choice required to power the future of enterprise IT".

Cloud-native applications and the container platforms that power them are critical components to digital transformation, but managing the infrastructure for these technologies can be complex and time-consuming for already-stretched IT teams.

"We're extending the relationship we started around hybrid (cloud) to hybrid and containers", said John Gossman, lead architect for Azure, in an interview ahead of the joint announcement Tuesday. Microsoft today announced that Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated will be available on Azure. Microsoft and Red Hat engineers are working closely to optimize OpenShift while running on Azure, helping to deliver standardized enterprise performance and matching integrated support. As part of this initiative, the companies said they will work to bring RHEL workloads onto the Azure Stack, the on-premises extension of Azure.

Support for Windows Server containers on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, for example, could help break down silos present in heterogeneous environments.

What was once an oddity in the Microsoft world is now common practice.

SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift is also coming and so will SQL Server for Linux, which will be available soon on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift.

The announcements today by Microsoft and Red Hat solidify Microsoft's commitment to the applications and not the underlying OS.

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