ARMS' New Character Is Basically A Scary Clown Lady

Geronimo Vena
Agosto 22, 2017

Though not as noisy as its ever-popular multiplayer cousin, Splatoon 2, ARMS is still making quite the splash as a fun, competitive fighting game where you actually get to punch (even if it's just the air).

Lola Pop comes to the game in the next update, and she'll bring three new Arms and a new fighting stage. You can see her in action through the announcement trailer below. After teasing her for the last week, Nintendo has finally unveiled the body-morphing, baggy pant wearing, nunchuck swirling French clown called Lola Pop. To participate, just download the free Arms Global Testpunch software from Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch, then fire it up and jump into online multiplayer matches.

Will you be taking part in the second Global Testpunch?

Meet Lola Pop, a clown who likes sugary treats and wields dual nunchucks.

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