The Great American Eclipse set for Monday, Aug. 21

Geronimo Vena
Agosto 21, 2017

Viewing a projection of the eclipse - which this contraption will help you do - is recommended by NASA. If you have friends standing in places where the eclipse will cast a shadow, their Bitmoji will change on the map so that it looks as though they're staring up at the sun.

More than 1,300 tickets were sold to the event, and those tickets sold out in about five minutes.

For a 360-degree view of the eclipse, check out NASA's Facebook page.

The Parks Service said the event fits in with their goals as an organization. This afternoon, the total solar eclipse will sweep across the United States. The many Airbnb bookings, Waffle Houses, hotels and flights offering solar eclipse deals prove how big of a deal this is.

The United Kingdom may see a partial eclipse, but because India is so many time zones away, it'll be close to 11 pm when the total eclipse is observed in the United States of America.

TIME's Youtube channel will be live streaming the total solar eclipse in two ways. There will be 69 total solar eclipses visible from somewhere on the planet in the next 100 years, but only a few will be visible from North America.

Before the sun is completely eclipsed, everyone needs to wear eclipse glasses - even when there's only a crescent of the sun showing.

With 200 million people within a day's drive of the path of totality, towns and parks welcomed massive crowds.

With that in mind, here are the times that folks can expect to witness the so-called Great American Eclipse in all its 90-minutes-long, celestial glory.

Last, if you are viewing the eclipse with a telescope, make sure it's with a solar filter or a solar telescope to be able to view the eclipse properly.

We've also been stressing the importance of wearing proper solar eclipse glasses if you plan on watching outside, but if you can't, you can do the next best thing and watch it online or on TV. When this happens, the moon blocks the light of the sun.

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