Sony Won't Allow PS4/Xbox One Crossplay With ARK: Survival Evolved

Geronimo Vena
Agosto 21, 2017

The dinosaur-themed survival game Ark: Survival Evolved is the latest title to join the ranks of games that Sony has rejected for PlayStation 4 cross-play. The information was recently confirmed by the game's co-creative director. Stieglitz had been discussing Ark's potential Xbox One X settings on Twitter when he was asked by a player if there will "ever be a way" to cross-play between Xbox and PlayStation.

For gamers that have been following the cross-play debates that started picking even more around June during E3, the reveal that Sony has deemed Ark: Survival Evolved cross-play a no-go should come as no surprise. ARK's Lead Designer, Jeremy Stieglitz took a fan question about the possibility of ARK supporting cross-play between Xbox One and PS4 players.

Crossplay is possible between PS4 and Xbox One, but Sony continues to deny access to it. Rocket League, Tekken 7 and other games also lack crossplay between PS4 and Xbox One mainly because Sony won't allow it.

The issue of cross-play has been brought up time and time again from developers of all different walks of life.

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