ReCore: Definitive Edition Announced, To Release On August 29

Geronimo Vena
Agosto 21, 2017

Update: Microsoft officially debuted ReCore Definitive Edition during the company's Xbox live stream. A new tank companion corebot named T8-NK was also confirmed for the game.

If you don't already own the game, ReCore: Definitive Edition will be available to purchase for £20.

ReCore: Definitive Edition will have a new campaign, as mentioned above.

Microsoft announced at Gamescom that the Comcept and Armature Studio-developed 2016 action-adventure game ReCore is getting a new and upgraded version, ReCore: Definitive Edition, on August 29, 2017. In addition to new content, Microsoft is improving the game visually for the upcoming Xbox One X consoleby supporting 4K and HDR.

When the original game was released, IGN gave ReCore a 7.3, describing it as "a new-looking game with a charming, much older-feeling soul". Since ReCore is now available on Xbox Game Pass, subscribers should expect the Definitive Edition to be available through that service as well.

A tease of ReCore's five Corebots before the game's release.

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