'I had 13 surgeries to look like Ivanka Trump'

Barsaba Taglieri
Agosto 21, 2017

A patient on Botched has revealed how she underwent 13 surgeries in a year to closer resemble her idol Ivanka Trump.

In addition to transforming her locks from brown to platinum, the 33-year-old has gone through boob jobs, a nose job, eyelid lift, and liposuction across both her torso and backside.

On Friday's episode of Botched, a woman named Tiffany asked the docs to make her look more like Ivanka Trump.

Doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow aren't sure whether they should to be complicit in this woman's Ivanka Trump transformation.

She said: "I was so pretty before, but I am just more elegant now".

Speaking on the show, Tiffany said: 'I've had 13 surgeries. However, they told her that they would not meet her request as her previous nose job was just four months ago.

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'Tiffany should give it time and wait to get any more surgery done, in say, four years!' Dubrow said, sending a political jab in Ivanka's father's way.

IF Tiffany Taylor has participated in the show, it's because she wanted to spend again on the pool to redo the nose.

"In plastic surgery, sometimes we do multiple procedures", he explained.

'They may be small, but you can have up to five or six procedures at one time as long as it's safe, ' he added.

"I'm pondering this conversation for a minute".

Tiffany was all smiles during the consultation, and after catching a glimpse of the look of concern on Nassif's face, she asked him why he looked "so serious". But it is necessary that we should be very careful with these people, it must do so for the right reasons and not to have expectations, impossible. That can be a real red flag'.

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