Saudi coalition attacks kill many children in Yemen

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 20, 2017

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The call by Save the Children and Watchlist follows the release of research that showed that the military coalition could have killed or maimed over 120 children in airstrikes past year.

"Today, millions of people in Yemen are facing a triple tragedy: the spectre of starvation, the world's largest ever single-year cholera outbreak, and the daily deprivation and injustice of a brutal conflict that the world is allowing to drag on and on", he said, Xinhua news agency reported. If this Coalition has taken action by 2016 to limit the consequences of the conflict in their regard, "serious violations against children continued at a high level which is unacceptable", it is written in the document addressed to the security Council of the UN.

"We call on all sides to avoid any civilian casualties and particularly that of children".

The conflict shows no sign of ending and United Nations -sponsored peace efforts remain deadlocked.

The airport is held by the rebel Houthi fighters who also control the rest of the capital, but airspace over Yemen is dominated by the rival Saudi-led Arab coalition, which is helping the Yemeni government fight the Iran-linked Shiite rebels.

The researchers placed the blame not only on the Saudi Arabian coalition, but also on their USA and United Kingdom backers.

Whether this leads to a similar exchange this year is unclear, though reports suggest the USA is keen to keep the UN report from being officially released, and is demanding that the UN remove the coalition as a whole, and instead only mention specific nations involved in specific strikes.

There is no sign of improvement in the conflict, with number of air strikes per month now three times higher than past year and monthly reports of armed clashes up 50 per cent, he said.

The United Nations has put the death toll since the war began in March 2015 at more than 10,000. More than 8,400 people - over half of them civilians - have been killed since the coalition intervened in 2015.

On the contrary, he said, "the Yemeni people's suffering has relentlessly intensified".

The war has destroyed much Yemeni infrastructure, including the main Hodeidah port, as well as hospitals, schools and roads, pushing the country to the verge of starvation and causing a cholera epidemic that has killed some 2,000 people since April.

"He must be released immediately", she said. In a press release, saudi Arabia has countered that the Coalition to Restore the Legitimacy in Yemen "fully respected" its obligations in terms of global law and humanitarian law.

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