Actually, President Trump, Even Stonewall Jackson's Descendants Believe "Monuments Must Go"

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Agosto 20, 2017

Trump remains a historically unpopular president, with approval ratings in the mid-30s. If Confederate statues and war markers are all universally offensive, should they be taken down at places like Gettysburg too?

The memorial group that oversees the park, said in a statement, it "condemns the beliefs and actions of the Ku Klux Klan and believes the denial of this Public Assembly request is in the best interest of all parties". On Thursday morning, Trump tweeted, "Sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our handsome statues and monuments". But how should we understand Trump's "innocents" - those who were simply there to protest the removal of Robert E Lee's statue?

Bro's daughter, 32-year-old Heather Heyer, was killed and 19 others were injured when the driver rammed a vehicle into a crowd of demonstrators. He told CNN, "We have to be able to have that conversation without all of the hatred and the violence".

The civil war involved 11 southern states that seceded from the Union, and most Confederate monuments are located in southern states.

Pressured by advisers, the president had softened his words on the dispute by Monday, but returned to his combative stance on Tuesday, insisting during an unexpected and contentious news conference at Trump Tower that "both sides" were to blame.

The statue was removed under the cover of darkness at 3 a.m. and no decision has been made on where exactly it will be kept. Only 27 percent said it was strong enough (the remainder were unsure).

James Grossman, the executive director of the American Historical Association, says that the increase in statues and monuments was clearly meant to send a message.

The statue had been vandalized earlier this week. And while there is also a partisan divide here, a sizable share of Democrats, 44 percent, believe those statues should remain (along with 86 percent of Republicans and 61 percent of independents). Statues in cities like Baltimore and Durham, North Carolina, have been taken down this week after the fatal violence in Charlottesville, sparked by debate over its Robert E. Lee statue.

"I think it is very important that people begin to realize this type of moral evolution is part of what the Constitution guarantees, and so we will be exercising our rights to say we want to be treated equally under the law", he said. Or should they serve as history that helps tell the story of the battlefield?

There are more than 1,500 Confederate monuments or symbols on public grounds around the country, according to the Southern Poverty Law Centre.

Meanwhile, the Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR, which is the nation's largest Muslim civil rights organization, called on cities and states across the country to take down Confederate statues and rename roads and highways named for Confederate leaders.

Trump's remarks came as the White house tried to manage his increasing isolation and the continued fallout from his combative previous comments on last weekend's racially charged violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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