Android Instant Apps now supports 500 million devices

Geronimo Vena
Agosto 19, 2017

Google has been prepping up for the new iteration of Android for quite some time now, constantly releasing developer previews. The event will coincide with next week's total eclipse on August 21st, with Google hosting a livestream that'll begin at 2:40 pm ET.

Google will stitch these images together and create a continuous view of the solar eclipse as it passes over the United States. This will be an event live streamed from New York City.

With the launch of the eagerly anticipated Android O (will the name be Oreo, Oatmeal cookie. or something else?), another waiting game starts. Now the latter part interests us.

Cardboard first launched in 2014 exclusively for Android, and as user and developer support grew, so too did Google's own focus on the platform.

As for that nickname, evidence continues to mount suggesting it'll indeed be called Android Oreo (Google set precedent for such commercial branding in 2013 with the launch of Android KitKat).

Google on August 17 added the "Questions and Answers" feature to Google Maps and mobile search to help users get information about places they want to go to.

Today, a teaser video post (now deleted) for Android O carried the file name "GoogleOreo_Teaser_0817_noDroids (1).mp4". And this would come as no surprise, considering Google's fondness towards delicious food treaties. Imagine a news app with different categories for its notifications, which you can turn on and off in the Android settings.

Android 8.0 will probably begin rolling out to the Pixel phones, as well as Nexus devices from 2015 shortly after the announcement. But soon we might have the big revelation, as 8/21 is not that far away.

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