University offers support to North West students going through Clearing

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 18, 2017

Achieving A-levels is a big accomplishment in itself, and there are still plenty of options open to you.

"I needed to get AAB to get to the University of Dundee - I saw pharmacology as a gateway to medicine".

And it definitely doesn't mean that the university door is closed.

More often than not the process of receiving your results can be quite daunting - however don't panic if you haven't got a place at university.

While many competitive courses will be full, it's worth ringing universities on the off-chance.

Available university places are listed between July and September, so you can start applying for places as soon as you find out that you've missed your places.

Only 26% of students surveyed said they would use Clearing if they received worse grades than anticipated, while 74% of students in the West Midlands said they would accept their existing offer even if their grades were better rather than using Adjustment.

Can I apply before getting my results?

It's important to try and stay positive and focused and be around people who make you feel calm and keep a clear head.

Some courses have seen entry requirements significantly lowered, for example the entry requirements for History have been lowered from AAA to ABB.

This year has also seen more courses than ever available through the UCAS "clearing" service for reserve university admissions, with many on offer at Britain's top institutions. To make this as easy as possible, list all of the names and numbers of the universities that interest you.

Should I consider changing courses?

"But the life experience you gain from going to university, enjoying new opportunities, meeting new people, gaining independence, is equally as important".

What happens if I get the results I want? Be patient and persistent.

The clearing process is there to help you if you're unsure about what to do next.

Psychologist Dr Mark Moss has some reassuring words for students picking up their A Level results today. Take some time after your calls, and really think about whether this is the course and the university for you.

Clearing and Adjustment are touted to be even more important this year with the competition for university places described as a "buyer's market".

The uni may then give you an informal offer - take this down, so that if you're interested you can add them on UCAS Track.

"Whether you are still undecided about what and where you want to study, or you didn't secure the grades you'd hoped and are looking at alternatives, Clearing can be a smooth process given the right approach".

If you meet the conditions for your insurance choice (if you entered one) then this offer will become unconditional.

If for some reason the uni doesn't confirm your place, don't worry.

It's really important to make the right decision when it comes to the degree you choose and the university at which you'll study.

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