How to Make a Pinhole Camera to Watch the Solar Eclipse

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 18, 2017

Unfortunately, eclipse glasses are becoming hard to find, and there is concern about fake eclipse glasses, which might damage your eyes.

Don't worry, though, you can still safely watch the solar eclipse by making your own pinhole viewer!

Stand with your back to the sun and hold the colander up, with the shadows pointing down on a piece of paper. It will take some small movements to find exactly the right angle.

While solar eclipses aren't uncommon, this one is significant. Why?

But don't despair; you can make a pinhole camera from easily obtainable items.

Cardboard box - any size will work but you have to hold it up during the eclipse.

First, take your cereal box and trace a piece of paper to fit along the bottom.

Cut two small holes on one of the short sides of your box. You can also use aluminum foil or stiff paper for a strip, but the pop can is a lot more durable. Make sure the foil is completely flat and not crinkled.

Use the thumbtack or needle to poke a hole in the center of the aluminum foil.

- Cut rectangular holes on the left and right to the top.

You are likely aware that a total solar eclipse will be viewable in the United States on August 21 (hours and locations vary), but "viewable" does not mean with the naked eye.

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