North Korea's Move To Stop Guam Missile Test 'Wise' Decision

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 17, 2017

President Donald Trump is weighing in on the decision saying North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un made a 'wise and well reasoned decision.' Trump tweeted Wednesday that "the alternative would have been both catastrophic and unacceptable!"

The passing of the deadline without a missile launch could ease tensions that have been ratcheted up as President Trump and North Korea have traded threats.

Kim's statement came as he was inspecting the country's strategic force command, where he was presented with the Guam attack plans.

Jong-un has said that if the "Yankees" continue their extremely unsafe and reckless actions on the Korean peninsula that action would have to be taken. He added that the United States should "stop at once arrogant provocations against the DPRK and unilateral demands and not provoke it any longer".

In an apparent reference to Kim Jong-un's suggestion that he could delay a decision to send a nuclear strike to Guam, the President praised the North Korean leader for his actions. "If they shoot at the United States, I'm assuming they hit the United States - if they do that, then it's "game on". "The comments allay some of the concerns and the fears".

If a missile is judged to be headed for the island, Mattis said: "We'll take it out".

"It could escalate into war very quickly-yes, that's called war", Mattis said.

"Well, I don't think they mean that, and I think it's the first time they've heard it like they heard it", Trump said.

"It's an annual ritual", Jim Walsh, a senior research associate at MIT's Security Studies Program who has previously traveled to North Korea for nuclear talks, said of joint maneuvers.

In addition to the 170,000 inhabitants, Guam, which has officially been a United States territory since the establishment of the Guam Organic Act in 1950, is home to roughly 7,000 U.S. military personnel and their families.

United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis said the USA military will know "within moments" after North Korea launches a missile where will it hit.

Last week, North Korea's military announced plans to fire four missiles in waters off Guam by mid-August, noting that if fired the missiles would fly over the Japanese prefectures of Shimane, Hirosima and Kochi.

South Korea's primary goal with North Korea is peace.

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