Judge Judy lets dog choose its rightful owner in emotional reunion

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Agosto 17, 2017

One adorable dog. Two people who claim to be its owner.

In the clip, a man claims a woman has his dog, illegally.

The woman in possession of Baby Boy insists she legally bought the dog from someone selling the pet on the street.

Viewers of the hit US TV show were left with a lump in their throats after the notoriously straight-talking judge let a dog decided who its rightful owner was.

Because the bond between human and canine is so strong, the pup excitedly rushed to the man (his true owner) and jumped on his leg, tail wagging.

"It's his dog.That's all". The dog happily ran towards the man, leaving Judge Judy no doubt who the real owner was.

"That's what happens you buy a dog for $50 in front of the mall". Oh really? The dog leaps onto every person he sees with a smile that also says, "Get me the arf outta here"? "Thank you Judge Judy - you're not so mean after all".

Animal custody cases can be hard to decide, which is why it's sometimes best to leave the dirty work to a judge who's willing to pull out all the stops in an effort to allow justice to prevail, even for non-humans - someone like Judge Judy.

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