Indian community holds 71st Independence Day celebrations

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 17, 2017

Sticking to the chronological order of the Independence, the video features Pakistan's national anthem prior to that of India.

A Muslim man has been ordered by police to lead India's Independence Day celebrations to prove he isn't a traitor. It was after hundreds of years that India claimed its Independence from the British rule on August 15, 1947. It features an Indian a capella group, Voxchord, singing Pakistan's national anthem - which it calls "a song about faith, pride and grandeur, of power, progress and perfection".

To commemorate Pakistan's Independence Day at the Canadian Parliament, the Canadian Armed Forces presented ceremonial guard.

The President in his message said, "We need to reiterate our strong resolve to always uphold the values of determination and dedication for the objective of development of Pakistan". On this Independence occasion in Pakistan, other government speakers also grieved their rich tributes to those who were killed during migration to Pakistan.

"Since 1947, India has made tremendous strides not only as a nation, but also as a major contributor towards global peace and stability", wrote Dr Tan.

Vice-President of the Interim Government Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Lord Mountbatten meeting on 7th June 1947

On Aug. 3, unidentified hackers posted the Indian anthem and Indian independence day greetings on Pakistani government websites four months after suspected Pakistani hackers took down websites of four prestigious Indian educational institutes.

Today, Pakistan is at a perpetual war with India, with severalpeace talks and ceasefire agreements having failed repeatedly. Like every nation who got their freedom from other nation's rule, India hosts its national flag on the Red Fort and nation's head (Prime Minister) gives speech.

A flag-hoisting ceremony was organised here on the occasion of 70th Independence Day at the Chancery premises on August 14, 2017. And the Pakistan's Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa hoisted the flag at the border at 12 in the midnight of 14th August. Never forget their sacrifice. Pakistan's flag was hoisted at 400 feet, after India hoisted a flag at 360 feet height past year.

Thousands laid down their lives, So that our country is breathing this day. One hopes that the Kashmir valley truly regains peace, without further division.

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