Google will show pollen forecasts in search results

Geronimo Vena
Agosto 17, 2017

It was pretty clear that Google was planning to implement some sort of pollen forecast in search at some point, and now it's been made official. Additionally, if pollen gets high in your area, you can receive reminders inside of the Google app to help make you aware before it's too late.

This data is sourced from The Weather Channel, and in addition to seeing the current pollen count, you'll also be able to see how heavy or light pollen will be in your area for the next five days.

Google frequently releases minor features like this to the Google app, and while they might not be huge on their own, they do add a whole lot to the search service when you add all of them together. To opt in to these notifications, just search for pollen levels, pollen forecast or a similar query on Google, then tap "turn on" when prompted.

The pollen forecast shown in the Google app with the new feature not only includes an icon and brief description of how the pollen forecast looks for the day, but also a quick summary of how this will affect people with seasonal allergies.

With this pollen info, you can better understand and prepare your seasonal allergy symptoms.

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