Police and public attacked near Londonderry bonfire

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 16, 2017

Three police officers were injured during disturbances in and around the controversial bonfire in Derry's Bogside on Tuesday night.

Some bottles were thrown during minor disturbances and police attended.

The PSNI were called after those gathered at the bonfire site in Derry's Bogside threw rocks and stones at locals. Two people were arrested.

"Three police officers sustained minor injuries".

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank local community representatives from all sides of our community for their cooperation and engagement over recent days".

"Tonight will see the lighting of the bonfire and I would appeal to those in the community to use their influence to control the situation so that we do not have a repeat of last night's behaviour", Supt McCalmont said.

Earlier in the evening there was outrage over the burning of two poppy wreaths which had been placed on the pyre.

The Israeli and United States flags and a cut-out of a police landrover were also torched, although, as had been indicated by Saoradh, a republican organisation that had been engaging with young people behind the outlawed inferno, no toxic rubber materials were burned.

A few hundred yards away crowds enjoyed the final night of the Gasyard Feile 2017, where during the Return of The Phoenix: Festival of Fire, pyrotechnics kept the crowd entertained before a small, neat bonfire was set alight. Last year it was built in the middle of a main road, causing significant traffic disruption, but it has been moved to a nearby grassy bank off Lecky Road this year.

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