Man who drove a auto into a restaurant in Paris identified

Bruno Cirelli
Августа 16, 2017

Deputy regional prosecutor, Eric de Valroger, deputy regional prosecutor said: "I rule out a terrorist motive".

Since the attack late Monday night, French President Emmanuel Macron has expressed condolences and support for the victims and survivors.

The local prosecutor said the man's actions in the attack in the town of Sept-Sorts were clearly deliberate, but apparently not terrorism-related. The prosecutor said the man simply described the restaurant as an easy and unprotected target for his as-yet unexplained act.

Facing aggravated murder and attempted murder charges, the French prosecutor indicated the assailant revealed he'd abused pharmaceutical drugs since he was nine and that he'd also taken an excessive amount of medication prior to ramming his vehicle into the outdoor cafe.

Man who drove a auto into a restaurant in Paris identified

De Valroger said the 32-year-old man had frequently appeared incoherent while providing often inconsistent answers to investigators' questions.

The driver of the BMW that rammed the terrace of the cafe in Sept-Sorts, near La Ferté-sous-Jouarre, was arrested, according to French media. He told investigators that he was a habitual drug user, having started to abuse drugs since the age of nine.

De Valroger said the man revealed he had abused pharmaceutical drugs since the age of nine and taken an excessively large amount of medication a day before plowing his auto into the restaurant.

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