Man accidentally shoots nail into his heart

Bruno Cirelli
Августа 16, 2017

Bergeson was working on a house near Peshtigo in June when the incident happened.

While building a frame for a fireplace seven weeks ago, Doug Bergeson was holding a nail gun and accidentally fired a three-and-a-half inch nail into his chest.

"I was just bringing the nail gun forward and I was on my tip-toes and I just didn't quite have enough room, and it fired before I was really ready for it, and then it dropped down and it fired again", Bergeson told the TV station.

"It didn't really hurt".

This cautionary tale has a happy ending and a weird plot twist: He drove himself to the emergency room.

A Wisconsin man came perilously close to death after accidentally shooting a nail into his chest.

"When I saw [the nail] moving with my heart, it's kind of like, 'I'm not going to get anything done today, '" he added.

"Must have had somebody watching over me, because it was close", Bergeson said.

Hospital staff rushed Bergeson to Aurora BayCare Medical Center where he underwent open-heart surgery.

He was transferred to a hospital in Green Bay, where surgeons removed the nail.

The nail missed a main artery in his heart by the thickness of a piece of paper.

He shared his story publicly to warn others to be careful using nail guns.

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