Central Park tree falls on woman, trapping her, FDNY says

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 15, 2017

Rescuers were called mid-morning Tuesday to Central Park West near 62nd Street.

An adult and three children were injured Tuesday when a tree fell on top of them in Central Park, authorities said. One child was seriously injured, according to the FDNY. The children were pulled out from under the tree's branches, but they did not appear to have any serious injuries, the witness said. An eyewitness at the scene said the tree came down and struck the woman.

The tree blocked a roadway in the park, prompting police to shut down the area to pedestrians, vehicles and bicycles until further notice. "He said, it just snapped, you heard it crack and it just fell over".

"I think she had three kids. It happened really fast", she said. "She was talking when she went into the ambulance, they had to go and chainsaw her out, and they put her in the ambulance and she was talking". "She looked OK", said Upper West Side resident Jaki Johnsen.

We will update as more information becomes available. The third child was strapped to the woman in a chest carrier.

The four have non-life threatening injuries and have been transported to a local hospital, officials added.

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