Tom Cruise Injured Filming High-Altitude Stunt For 'Mission: Impossible 6'

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Agosto 13, 2017

Cruise is no stranger to stunt work, having performed all manner of unsafe stunts in past "Mission: Impossible" flicks - including hanging onto the exterior of a jet plane as it took off. The Mission: Impossible franchise has become a consistent showcase for at least one wild stunt that Tom Cruise has chose to do himself.

Tom Cruise appears injured after slamming into a wall while filming a stunt for the upcoming movie "Mission: Impossible 6". Cruise was strapped into a safety device during the stunt but fell short when he jumped between the buildings. He is able to hoist himself up, but walks with a visible limp before collapsing next to crew members.

The nature and extent of Cruise's injuries aren't known at this time.

Cruise has most famously pushed the limits in his Mission: Impossible films; for Ghost Protocol where he famously dangled off a skyscraper in Dubai; and in Rogue Nation he clutched onto the side of an air-bound cargo plane. In the original Mission: Impossible, when the actor ran from the exploding aquarium restaurant, he hurt his ankle. There's no word on whether production will be delayed due to this injury, but as soon as any new information surfaces, we'll let you know.

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