Priyanka Chopra on her latest single

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Agosto 13, 2017

But, Priyanka's singing had a taken a back seat. The song, Young and Free, has been penned by the actress herself. Being young and free is a state of mind that we all need to find in this insane world to survive. I vividly remember sitting in Toby's studio with Rachel & Ty, and we were just being our creative selves, playing with words, letting each other into our secrets, trying out some melodies.... just surrendering to this insane thing called song writing! It all came together in a true creative way. And now... lo and behold, Will took the words I wrote and gave it life!

Priyanka ruled the music charts with "In My City" and now she has dropped another stunning song.

Check out Priyanka's new song right here. She has become one of the most popular Bollywood celebrities in Hollywood, she produces regional films in India, the lady sings as well as act!

We wish there was a video, too.

The song is very refreshing and the beats are made to elate your mood this weekend, the music video will be out soon! Well, do we really really need a reason to watch PeeCee swoon and dance to a song?

The Desi girl Priyanka Chopra who was last seen in the Hollywood flick Baywatch is set to impress with her vocal magic yet again. Priyanka has successfully conquered both television and film in the United States, and now it looks like the actress has her sights set on conquering the music charts as well.

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