NCAA punishment for UofL 'draconian' university claims in appeal

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 13, 2017

The school claimed in its 68-page appeal that the NCAA abused its authority, imposed "draconian" penalties and ignored the school's self-imposed discipline.

WAVE 3 News on Friday obtained the University of Louisville's appeal to the NCAA's Infractions Committee, following the governing body's recent ruling to penalize the school in the wake of a sex scandal.

From there, U of L blasted away at penalties handed down by the NCAA's committee on infractions, namely the vacating of several seasons worth of victories - including two Final Four appearances and the 2013 NCAA championship - and the forfeiture of NCAA tournament money earned during those seasons. Men's basketball coach Rick Pitino filed his NCAA appeal separately. Even if these student-athletes were technically ineligible, they would unquestionably have been reinstated.

"The university fully agrees with the COI that McGee committed egregious misconduct", states the appeal's summary (via the Louisville Courier-Journal).

"Imposing those penalties here would be grossly disproportionate to the conduct alleged to have rendered the student-athletes ineligible". Louisville also announced scholarship reductions and recruiting restrictions for assistant coaches. Powell documented the parties in her controversial memoir "Breaking Cardinal Rules".

The NCAA said in its report that Pitino "delegated responsibility for monitoring the former operations director to his assistant coaches, who later stated they were unaware it was their job".

The university argues the committee on infractions is being unfair to them because "it has repeatedly declined to impose vacation or financial penalties in comparable cases involving strippers".

"Furthermore", the appeal goes on, "not one student who later competed in 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons engaged in a sex act".

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