London 2017: Bolt anchors Jamaica into finals

Rufina Vignone
Agosto 13, 2017

Because Bolt made us all his fans. Kendra Harrison missed out on qualifying for the USA's Olympic team in Rio but, incredibly, just a fortnight later at the Anniversary Games in London smashed the world record that had stood for longer than she'd been alive!

Bolt's annual earnings have crept up steadily over the years, and increased significantly as he began piling up his collection of eight gold medals.

Meanwhile, Bolt continued to give credit to 100m gold medalist Justin Gatlin for his perseverance in a hard atmosphere amongst the fans in London, where they booed the 25-year-old American throughout the sprint competition. His 2012 earnings were estimated at $20 million, and by 2014 he was up to $23 million, according to Forbes, good enough to make him the 63rd and 45th richest athlete in the world in those respective years. "I personally don't think it [the bronze medal] has changed what I have done in any way", Bolt said.

On the last day of his worldwide career, fans jostled for space to have a glimpse of Bolt at the warm-up arena, adjacent to the stadium and television cameras were fixed at him to have a shot of the towering Jamaican.

But could fans handle it if we found, for example, that as charming as Bolt, the best known and most popular athlete in the world, is, he was no better than the majority of his Jamaican team-mates when it came to using drugs?

"He has often made victory look so easy, even preordained, crossing finish lines at less than full speed with his arms spread wide and a grin on his face". In that period, his amassed six gold medals in the 100m race, seven gold medals in the 200m race and six gold medals in 4x100m event.

Still, Bolt was supportive of his young teammates. There will be one more shot at gold when he competes in his last race in the 4x100m relay later this week. All nine are by Bolt.

The 35-year-old, who has twice been banned for doping offenses, was booed every time he was introduced to the crowd at the London Stadium before the 100m heats, semi-finals and final.

Gatlin, running in Lane 8, was timed finishing in 9.92 seconds, followed by Coleman in Lane 4 at 9.94 and Bolt in Lane 3 at 9.95 seconds.

Bolt seems to enjoy his fame and fortune.

I have since seen attempts to defend Gatlin, and the crowd slammed for the way they acted. Bolt graciously settled for a bronze.

Prior to the Bolt era, Gatlin was considered the fastest man in the world during the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics and won a gold medal in the 100m dash.

"I've been back in the sport since 2010".

"If a martian walked into the house and looked at all the pictures they would think I was the greatest athlete of all-time".

The $34.2 million for 2017 tracks slightly higher than 2016, when Forbes pegged Bolt's earnings at $32.5 million. "My whole year has been focused on the World Championships ... and I'm gutted to have to withdraw".

Usain Bolt's farewell is bound to be an emotional occasion. His 9.85-second run was the third fastest in Olympic history.

It was never like that when Bolt was doing his thing.

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