'Game of Thrones': Who is likely to betray their queen or king

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Августа 13, 2017

The significance of the photo above is mostly that it offers you a chance to see Cersei Lannister seemingly recovering from some of the news that she's heard from the battleground.

Cersei Lannister in a still from Eastwatch is seen sitting and brooding over something. If Daenerys does not attempt to save him and his army, this could cause Missandei to lose trust in her Queen and want to leave, thus betraying her. How much of a victory can she celebrate when you take a moment to consider what she's gone through and how many she killed?

She might be taking care of the North while Jon is gaining an ally with Daenerys, but if she discovers that she is the rightful heir of the North and not Jon, a bastard, who as per the books by George R.R. Martin is also the son of a Targaryen, could the dynamic change? While the idea of Daenerys marrying her biological nephew, Jon, is repugnant by modern standards, it probably won't be a big deal on Game of Thrones.

"Eastwatch" will also feature the reunion between Dany and Ser Jorah Mormont, so get the tissues ready! The show is setting up a marriage in words and actions but the actors aren't getting the memo so far. She was also questioned about her allegiance to Dany and how and why she chooses to follow her. It's not really much of a choice but this is Dany's brand of ruling and Cersei has certainly accomplished quite a bit through fear and manipulation as well.

There are other contenders to betray Daenerys though. However, the preview promises White Walkers and Whigs and Bran helping Jon figure out how far along they are.

What will happen to Jaime Lannister and Bronn?

We know that he loves Jaime, but could these feelings for his older brother ultimately harm Dany's bid to take the Iron Throne? Would Tyrion set him free, just like Jaime did for him? Are they going to be in open rebellion against Dany?

Believe it or not, Season 7's seven episodes are nearly over already, and then we'll only see these characters again for the six episodes of Season 8. Could Varys intervene to protect the realm against the possibility of 'The Mad Queen?' If Jaime is dead, what does that mean for her?

Any accusation of slow pacing was put to rest as the seventh season of Game of Thrones ended its fourth episode with one of its most memorably breath-taking battle scenes.

Jon and Daenerys say goodbye to each other, then the King in the North reaches Eastwatch, where he finds Tormund, Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr and the Hound. According to the prophecy, the Prince (or Princess) is destined to "lead the people against a darkness" but in order to do so, they need a flaming sword called Lightbringer.

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