Foreign Diplomats Call Trump A Laughing Stock Who Is Obsessed With Obama

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 13, 2017

Someone ought to explain to Donald Trump that modernization of America's nuclear arsenal, which he bragged about yesterday when issuing fiery threats of doom against North Korea, hasn't happened yet.

It had been unclear whether other agencies had signed onto the Defense Intelligence Agency's determination earlier this week, and some observers noted that the Pentagon-based analysts have in the past generously estimated the capacity of some opposing militaries.

Trump's distinctive speaking style has been widely imitated, most notably by actor Alec Baldwin, who often parodies the president on NBC's "Saturday Night Live".

"But it is a review, and therefore not in itself a decision to make any actual changes to the American nuclear arsenal", Andrea Berger, Senior Research Associate at Middlebury Institute of International Studies, told BuzzFeed News.

The same strongman posturing has also been behind Trump's dismissal of the Obama-era "strategic patience" approach to North Korea as so much politically correct code, even if, as some pundits have observed, the same policy has been mostly maintained behind the scenes.

However, Trump asked for the Nuclear Posture Review in a January 27 Presidential Memorandum, and not in an executive order, as Walters incorrectly stated.

Former Obama State Department Spokesman John Kirby praised President Donald Trump's national security team Thursday on CNN's "New Day", saying Trump is doing a "commendable job" forming an worldwide coalition to deal with North Korea. That is a very unsafe situation when nobody among your ally countries respects your leader, that they do not view him as a very serious person, and more important as the interview states, they don't view him as an intelligent person.

As for the Navy, its aircraft carriers no longer carry tactical nuclear weapons, nor do its surface warships carry nuclear-capable cruise missiles.

The CIA and other key US intelligence agencies agree with the Defense Intelligence Agency's previously reported assessment that North Korea is now able to miniaturize a nuclear weapon so it can be placed atop a ballistic missile, USA officials told NBC News.

Madeleine Z Bordallo, the US Congresswoman for Guam, said she was confident US forces could protect it from the "deeply troubling" North Korean nuclear threat. "It is now far stronger and more powerful than ever before", Trump tweeted Wednesday morning.

The review has not yet been completed, and it wasn't Trump's first order. Since September 2009, when the United States announced that the nuclear arsenal contained 5,113 warheads, the stockpile has decreased by 633.

Under Obama's deal, the USA, while making reductions to its nuclear arsenal, would also fund programs to modernize the existing arsenal to make them more effective and safe.

Those responses will feel very feeble in the middle of a nuclear war, which maybe could have been prevented if Twitter banned Trump! you say.

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