Aaron Carter shares his thoughts on single life

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Agosto 13, 2017

It all started earlier this week when actress Chloe Grace Moretz revealed she used to have a crush on Carter when she was younger. Fans are eagerly awaiting her reply and hope that she will agree to the date given Carter has had a rough time lately. "Who knows? Maybe we'll meet". "For a few years I thought about it, but this is only 17 years old, after a few relationships with girls, that I had an experience homosexual with someone who attracted me, and with which I grew up and worked ". He wrote: "Hey @ChloeGMoretz - let's set up a date". Aaron answered in the negative when asked this question, and after some hesitation added that things between him and Nick have been "wonderful" as of late. Sources familiar with the situation told US Weekly that Aaron and Madison's split was "very amicable", though a subsequent report from the same publication claimed that Carter was actually "relieved" that Parker had broken up with him. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Aaron Carter's father passed away in May of this year and Carter was hospitalized in June after he opened up about his eating disorder and the body shaming comments, which lead to his illness. At the time, he claimed that there was an issue with his auto and that is why he was driving so badly on the road.

Carter recently came out as bisexual and split from his girlfriend Madison Parker, however, there has been no evidence that his coming out lead to the breakup.

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