Sony to Use IBM Blockchain-based Platform in Education

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 12, 2017

Looking ahead, Sony said that it wants to develop additional educational services, with the blockchain platform functioning as the data-sharing layer beneath it all.

According to the official announcement, the new platform was developed using IBM Blockchain and allows the tracking of students' learning progress.

The idea is to improve on current practice of storing candidate education histories within individual schools and institutions themselves, which requires records to be shared over email or by a physical copy.

Students, educational institutions, and third parties will be able to access the gathered data for various purposes.

That's the theory for now, and it of course requires execution to get the product to market and deliver on its potential.

Now, Sony is getting in on the action by announcing a system that will apply blockchain technology to the field of education.

IBM (NYSE:IBM) and Sony Global Education (NYSE:SNE) announce a blockchain-based education platform for student records. The company will partner with various schools and colleges, and plans to officially launch the new service sometime next year.

What's particularly notable about the project is that Sony believes it can be expanded into other areas of digital asset management, including IoT, logistics, digital content, real estate and (more obviously) cryptocurrencies.

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