Prison Inmate Goes on Facebook Live, Flashes Knife in 3 Minute Video

Geronimo Vena
Agosto 12, 2017

In a second Facebook Live video, Rivera allegedly threatens a man who's been communicating with his child's mother, WIS-TV reports.

"Baby momma is tripping", Rivera said. And she loving me, though.They love me in here. In fact, he says everyone loves him in prison, even with the big knives.

A look at his timeline shows that he posted on August 8th, went live on Facebook on August 4th, posted on his 31st birthday on July 27, posted a video on July 22nd, and updated his profile picture from inside his cell on July 5th.

The South Carolina Department of Corrections is investigating.

According to KHOU, Rivera has been extremely active on social media lately.

"Prison officials said he has lost privileges, but the post shows he's able to skirt the system", reported WRAL.

Earlier this year, an inmate at Lieber Correctional Institution was able to escape thanks largely in part due to a contraband cell phone.

A prison in the United Kingdom was recently at the centre of outrage after it was discovered inmates were able to log into Wi-Fi from neighbouring houses to watch porn on smuggled devices.

"It is senseless to me that the federal government continues to prohibit state agencies and state corrections officials from blocking cell phones", SLED Director Mark Keel said at the time.

Several state leaders have been urging the Federal Communications Commission to allow prison to block cellphone signals.

"We've been very vocal about cell phone contraband...not only in our prisons, but in corrections departments across the country".

We spoke with state Sen.

Within the last five months Rivera has gotten into trouble several times for having unauthorized access to a cell phone and for social media violations. "That should not happen".

One work strike targeted a company that provides meals at correctional facilities, while another called for an end to inmate work programs. "It's a budgetary issue", Hutto said.

'Most of these folks have victims that are associated with their crimes, and the victim should not be subjected to seeing anymore of the shenanigans that's going on with these Facebook posts and Twitter or whatever they're using to get these messages out'.

Corrections Department spokeswoman Sommer Sharpe also released a statement after these videos were brought to their attention.

Hutto is concerned that state officials don't have more control over what happens inside SC prisons.

The SCDC has a special page on its website set up to allow the public to report prisoner cell phone usage.

A prison spokesperson says the video is another example of the unfettered access cellphones give inmates have to the outside world.

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