New details revealed about Valve's Artifact card game

Geronimo Vena
Agosto 12, 2017

Valve has announced its newest standalone game since the release of "Dota 2" back in 2013.

Aside from these, not much about the game has been revealed. So if you have any questions about the game then it should be answered in here. For some, this game would come as a disappointment but, the bolstering community of Dota 2 should be optimistic about the game. "Artifact" is an upcoming digital trading card game and was teased at Valve's biggest tournament, The International.

Let's start with what the game actually is.

These will be the first new heroes in Dota 2 since Monkey King was added to the game on December 12, 2016. According to worldwide 2017 host Sean "Day9" Plott, "anything you see in Dota" it's in Valve's Artifact.

Plott said that anyone who has played digital card games in the past will be quite familiar with the way creatures and spells are cast onto the board.

Players will deploy Heroes on three different boards representing the lanes of the map.

These preview videos generally are representative of a heroes abilities, meaning this now unnamed hero will likely be highly mobile, with the ability to disarm opponents and curl up into a ball, rolling around to initiate or escape. In one example given on Reddit, a player continually built barracks on one lane, swamping it with creeps and forcing their opponent to deal with the growing problem of weak enemies, thereby taking their focus off of the other lanes and allowing the spawner to recover. Some cards also have persistent effects on the lanes themselves which can affect the units in them.

Currently, no concrete release date has been announced by Valve for the game but, we do know that the game will launch sometime in 2018 but, we will have to wait nearly 6-12 months for Valve to announce the release date for Valve's Artifact. Platform-wise, it is expected to come out to the PC via their Steam distribution platform.

What do you think of how Artifact sounds now that we know a little more about it?

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