Florida kids can skip lunch line for $100

Barsaba Taglieri
Agosto 12, 2017

The program has, understandably, caused outrage among numerous parents at the school. With the recent rise in awareness over lunch shaming, this pay-to-play arrangement caught the attention - and ire - of several parents. Parents in Lakeland, Florida, are outraged over a PTSA sponsorship program introduced this year that would allow parents to essentially buy their children "front of the lunch line" passes for $100.

"Polk County has got a very high rate of food insecurity when it comes to kids", dad Chris Stephenson said in an interview with News Channel 8. The PTSA says the whole thing was a big mistake.

"Please be advised that the principal did not approve of this fundraiser, and he was not aware that sponsor forms for such a fundraiser by the school's Parent Teacher Student Association were inside the orientation packets". It's about a kid getting privileges over his classmates just because his parents make a little bit more money than the others.

Stephenson shared the form in a Facebook post, which has since garnered hundreds of comments from upset parents. Since he's arrived, he said he has changed many things to be as inclusive as possible.

"Nobody's a second-class citizen here", he said.

Principal Brian Andrews sent an email to parents informing them to disregard the Family and Business Sponsorships form that was sent home with students. We offer a variety of fundraising options for our students and families to choose from each year. Due to a clerical error, the form was inadvertently included in the Orientation packets. The intent of our PTSA is to always do the best for our students and families.

"So they needed to raise money, that's cool", Stephenson said.

The principal told Tampa-based WFTS that he never saw the form and would have never included it in the packet.

"Where were the checkpoints missed, who allowed and approved documents to be distributed to 300 some odd students without having read it?"

"What we do behind these walls, I truly believe we are for all kids, and we will continue to do that", said Andrews.

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