A New Character Has Been Announced in Final Fantasy Fighting Game's

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 12, 2017

But if you don't know much about Square Enix, is that they can take a very long time between testing and launching.

Square Enix also revealed that that Blitzball legend and Final Fantasy X antagonist Jecht will be making his debut in Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT next year when the game releases, however, he will not be in the closed beta.

For those living in North and Latin America, the last day to register for a chance to participate in the beta is on August 20.

From today, Final Fantasy XIV has a world of over 10 million cumulative inhabitants which is probably a mix between the shift to a semi free to play model and the consistent updates, events and content for players. Basically, Jecth's the Final Fantasy idea of a real man's man, although, of course, his hair is still lovely.

The team-based brawler will feature over 20 playable Final Fantasy characters, an offline mode, and a new story mode written by Kazushige Nojima. Developed by Koei Tecmo, the games cross up fighting, light strategy, and Dynasty Warriors hack "n" slash gameplay, into a fairly unique package. Don't worry, you can check full rundown of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT's mechanics in the video, below. According to the company, this fighter will be available on Dissidia for PlayStation 4 at launch.

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