McCain Threatens North Korea After Expressing 'Concerns' Over Trump Rhetoric

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Agosto 11, 2017

On "The Late Show" Tuesday, Colbert explained the sanctions placed on the insular North Korea - which were approved by 15 U.N. member nations and spearheaded by the U.S.

McCain argued the tough rhetoric is unlikely to help as tensions rise between the United States and North Korea over the latter's nuclear program.

Luckily, he said, President Donald Trump stepped up in a pure moment of statesmanship to de-escalate Kim Jong-un's rhetoric.

"We'll see?" Colbert retorted. "They didn't vote for Trump, just like most Americans".

On Tuesday, Trump warned North Korea it would face "fire and fury" if it threatened the United States again - comments lawmakers on both sides of the aisle felt were provocative. In a clip shown on "The Late Show", Trump said "Frankly, the people that were questioning that statement as too tough... if anything maybe that statement wasn't tough enough".

"What is tougher than 'fire and fury?'" the host asked. "A paper cut and a lemon?" "I think this is very, very, very serious".

On a day in which President Donald Trump thanked Russian ruler Vladimir Putin for ordering about 755 USA diplomats out of the embassy there, saying "We were trying to cut the payroll", and also insisted he's doing the military a "great favor" banning transgender soldiers, for whom he has greatest respect and from whom he received "reat support", you'd think late night shows would just throw in the towel, Trump having exhausted the day's supply of comedy.

Trump then added that "Anyone even thinking about attacking anybody that we love or represent... they should be very nervous..."

TONIGHT: Trump doubles down on his "fire and fury" threat to North Korea, and Stephen's figured out what that means.

Watch the clip below.

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