Become a DJ as Google celebrates 40 years of hip-hop

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Agosto 11, 2017

Google creates turntables for its first hip-hop Doodle, which involved such talents as animator-musician Kevin Burke, designer-animator Hélène Leroux and engineering lead David Lu. Instead of playing the songs in full, he played only their instrumental sections, or "breaks" - sections where he noticed the crowd went wild.

During these breaks, Coke La Rock "hyped up the crowd" with a microphone, a role which became known as an MC or master of ceremonies.

Adams emerged from New York's graffiti movement alongside Basquiat and Haring, and so lived firsthand how such visual art intertwined with the rise of rap.

Hip-hop is more than just a music genre; it spurred a cultural revolution and today's Google Doodle goes some way to celebrating the impact it has had over the past four decades.

"Hip-hop was accessible", said Cohen.

Unlike DJs that followed his lead with hip hop, in his early years he never made the move into commercially recorded music.

Google is celebrating the 44th anniversary of the party where a DJ created hip hop.

The interactive doodle allows you to click the play button on the "O" in the graphic. "MTV Raps", and his creative crew was able to get the Brooklyn-born legend to narrate today's home-page viewers through a quick hip hop history, toward a tutorial of pulling tunes from the crate (from George Clinton to Betty Wright) and working the crossfader on the turntables.

In the economically and socially depressive city of Bronx, hip hop was a breath of fresh air for its youth who was mostly involved in the drug culture yearning for something better. The August 11 Google Doodle is the most elaborate we have seen so far coming out of Google. Users can choose from a number of records in a bin and mix two of them together.

There is a gamification feature that lets you unlock achievements for completing various actions with the turntables.

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