Amber Heard and Elon Musk address split together

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Agosto 11, 2017

The end of Amber and Elon's romance has shocked many, especially since the Justice League beauty appeared to have bonded well with the Tesla Motors founder's sons from his previous marriage to Justine Musk, who he divorced in 2008.

Roughly three days after Us Weekly reported that their relationship was over, Musk "broke his silence" in the comments section of an Instagram photo of Heard posing with a fork in her hair like the Little Mermaid. "Long distance relationship when both partners have intense work obligations are always hard, but who knows what the future holds". "Said I was ninja", Musk told followers. Amber recently confirmed their break up, but admitted she and Elon, 46, "care deeply for one another" and they "remain close". Of all the bogus anecdotes, this one troubles me the most. Put a fork in it, because we are done. The couple issued a joint statement today saying everything is Ok!

"Having read recent articles about our relationship, we would like to speak for ourselves", a joint statement to People magazine reads.

They explained that the distance between the two of them had a tremendous strain on their relationship, as they're both always busy and are unable to hang out as much as they'd like. All relationships have their ups and downs, of course.

Their statement continued, "People occasionally send out speculation, which has no basis in fact, without our knowledge, believing that they have our best interests as their agenda". Sometimes, other agendas are at work. They added: "As a closing note, it is worth bearing in mind that events are always amplified and dramatized in a high-profile relationship, whether the people involved like it or not (and we definitely don't). The reality is that this is just a normal relationship with a giant magnifying glass applied". What "speculation" is happening that they're so desperate to get in front of? The former couple also insisted they have a "normal relationship" apart from it being in the spotlight. Just because I have the outfit and the awesome weapons doesn't make me a ninja.

In conclusion, I do not know what's going on with Amber and Elon.

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