Game of Thrones season 7 episode 5 synopsis: Eastwatch

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Agosto 10, 2017

HBO has also released a handful of photos from the episode, revealing further looks at Danny and Jon together, Tyrion roaming the battlefield, and the return of Samwell and Gilly after a week's absence.

Since their first meeting, Dany has been demanding that the Northern King bend his knees before her in a show of allegiance. It's no news to the viewers that Snow is a Targaryen, but is he about to find out? But neither he nor Dany knows the truth. HBO was recently hit with a major cyber attack, as hackers posted materials concerning the upcoming episodes online and demanded a ransom from the network. Later in the episode, Davos asks Jon what he thinks of Daenerys.

Jamie and an army of Lannister foot soldiers were exiting High Garden after taking the Tyrell strong hold with the help of the Tarlys.

Arya Stark finally found her way back to Winterfell and reunited with a number of familiar faces, including her sister Sansa and her brother Bran. When Jon replies that the Mother of Dragons has a good heart, Davos replies, "A good heart?" Fans need to wait for the fifth episode to see whether Cersei's incest lover is alive or not and who saves him from the fire.

Woah! What an awesome episode of Game of Thrones that aired tonight!

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