Valve Reveals Steam's Impressive Monthly User Count

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 9, 2017

By comparison, PlayStation Network had 70 million monthly active users by Sony's latest count, while Xbox Live had 53 million monthly users. The company revealed a presentation at Casual Connect (via GeekWire) that Steam had 67 million monthly active players with 33 million of those playing daily. Since January 2016, Valve has added 27 million new gamers to Steam, or 1.5 million per month for 18 months. Furthermore, Steam managed to hit 14 million concurrent users, with its last major peak being in 2015 with 8.4 million.

Breaking the numbers into region, the U.S. scoops up 34% of Steam gamers, while Europe is home to 29%.

A large part of Steam's growth has come from the Asian market, which has grown to take over about 17% of the platform's overall sales numbers. Valve is a private company, so we don't know how much it is worth exactly, but estimates put it in the billions. That's an impressive period of growth over the course of two years, and according to one of the speakers for Valve at the conference, more new users are coming in all the time.

Just recently, it was reported that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was bringing in a ton of players in its Early Access stages, hosting a whopping 500,000 concurrent players.

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