That Viral Tinder Couple Finally Went on Their First Date in Maui

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 9, 2017

After three years of missed messages a pair of OH students who matched on Tinder have gone on their first date and "Good Morning America" got to tag along. They had separate rooms, since they are still basically strangers, and went on bike rides and had cocktails.

OH students Josh Avsec, 22, and Michelle Arendas, 21, made headlines in July when Avsec posted their years-long Tinder exchange on Twitter, which started back in September 2014.

Following their first meeting on the show, Tinder sent the duo on an extravagant first date: a trip to Maui.

Their main focus was, of course, getting to know one another.

They chose Hawaii, and after a long-anticipated first meeting in NY on "Good Morning America" in July, the two went on a once-in-a-lifetime first date to Maui.

"I never in a million years could have expected that when this story first started, when he first tweeted out our conversations, that something so simple could turn into something so unbelievable", Arendas told ABC News.

"You should hear her talk about her dreams and her passions and her career path", he said. But they say they are not forgetting to stay level-headed about the situation, especially since they still receive tweets every day from people who say they hope the two get married.

"With everything going on, it's been hard to talk about the little things like when we do go back".

Avsec, 22, and Arendas appeared equally hopeful when speaking with the syndicated morning show's camera crews after their time together in the Aloha state.

As their time in Hawaii came to an end, Ardenas said they had no "concrete plans" to meet up again upon returning home.

They have kept the joke going ever since, with months passing between texts and hilarious excuses as to why they haven't been in touch.

"We are just now sitting down and getting the opportunity to know each other, so there's probably a lot of learning still left to do", she said.

Tinder arranged for the couple to meet in person for the first time on national US TV in July.

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