Samsung unveils 1Tb V-NAND chip for commercial SSDs

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 9, 2017

Samsung Electronics on August 9 introduced a 1-terabit V-NAND chip, which aims to meet growing market demand and technological developments.

"The arrival of a 1Tb V-NAND chip next year will enable 2 terabytes of memory in a single V-NAND package by stacking 1 Tb dies and will represent one of the most important memory advances of the past decade", the company said. At the summit, Samsung Electronics also presented its new SSD technology, dubbed Next Generation Small Form Factor (NGSFF) SSD, which is expected to dramatically improve the memory storage capacity. It measures 30.5mm x 110mm x 4.38mm, allowing four times the memory capacity of a 1U chassis that uses M.2, or NGFF.

The company gave an example of a reference server system that delivers 576TB in a 1U rack, using 36 16TB NGSFF SSDs.

The NGSFF SSD will begin production in the fourth quarter of the year and complete JEDEC standardization in the first quarter of 2018 for deployment. The technology is used to store data on mobile phones and digital cameras. It has 15 microseconds of read latency time, around a seventh of an NVME SSD.

At the application level, "the use of Samsung's Z-SSDs can reduce system response time by up to 12 times, compared to using NVMe SSDs", Samsung added.

In addition, Samsung also revealed its SZ985 - an SSD based on Z-SSD technology for data centres and enterprise systems which are processing huge data-intensive tasks, such as big data analytics and high-performance computing.

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