Jay Brown wants the truth!

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Agosto 9, 2017

The Walford hardman - who is played by actor Steve McFadden in the BBC soap - is going to divide up his estate so his family and children are taken care of when he dies but it doesn't go to plan.

The storyline begins when Phil receives a phonecall about the auto lot land, which leaves Phil thinking about the future.

But Phil sparks concern in upcoming scenes, as he suddenly decides he wants to hand his businesses over to his family.

Phil's questionable move divides the family as Ben starts to believe his dad values him less as the vehicle lot is worth a lot more.

However, even Sharon is left shocked when he gives the more valauable auto lot land to Jay Brown. However, Phil doesn't even bother turning up and Ben's upset escalates - so Jay storms round to confront Phil.

Jay is also paranoid and worries that Sharon is annoyed with Phil's decision so he offers to give the land up as he values their relationship more.

Feeling trapped by Phil's gift, Jay tells Sharon that he'll reject the offer if it means everyone else is kept sweet. Concerned about Ben falling out with his dad, he invites Phil and Sharon for dinner at the share flat in attempt to get them to sort through things.

Ben is amazed by the good news, but is soon filled with jealousy when he realises that Phil might be giving Jay the auto lot land.

What has Jay found out that's influenced Phil's decision?

As he heads to confront Phil, the Mitchell patriarch refuses to divulge what is going on and what the root of his decision is and he goes AWOL.

As the family desperately try to locate him, Jay finds himself coming head-to-head with Phil, only for Phil to reveal a shocking secret.

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