GTA Online Introduces the Overtime Shootout Adversary Mode, Weaponised HVY Nightshark SUV

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 9, 2017

It's Tuesday, which means we've got another week of small but sufficient updates for Grand Theft Auto Online - and there's plenty to look forward to this week, especially if you're a fan Adversary-related activities.

Firstly, the new badass vehicle is called HVY Nightshark, which every successful arms dealer obviously needs.

GTA Online has received a new update that adds a new Adversary mode, and a new vehicle as well as another Premium Race.

There's even more new stuff available in Grand Theft Auto Online this week, with the addition of the new weaponised HVY Nightshark, fitted with front-facing twin machine guns and thick armour.

Double GTA$ and RP are available in the mode through August 14.

Those looking for a deal can take 25% off Mobile Operations Centers at Warstock, weaponized vehicle customizations.

"You've mastered the art of mercilessly shoving your opponent off the scoring platforms in Overtime Rumble, and now it's time to embrace a new challenge", Rockstar adds.

Will you be diving into Overtime Shootout, or going straight out in your new vehicle first? Instead of tearing down a ramp with your teammates, Overtime Shootout is a turn-based version of the mode, meaning each individual team member has their chance to shine. The team with the most points collected by the end wins.

There's also 25% off all renovations, including the Vehicle Workshop from which you can customize all Weaponized Vehicles, as well as 25% off their exclusive weaponized mods. Salaries for bodyguards and associates are also doubled.

Legendary Motorsport are also getting in on this week's action by offering a 25% discount on the latest Supercar model to hit the lot - the Dewbauchee Vagner. You can also grab the Dewbauchee Vagner for cheap if you need a new sports auto. The Premium Race is Mountain Drop, and locked to Bikes. These Premium Races will pay out triple RP and a significant amount of GTA$ for those who finish in the top three.

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