Gearbox's new game is a first-person shooter, collectible card game hybrid

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 9, 2017

News is spreading across the interwebs that Gearbox Software are ready to spill the beans on their newest IP - allegedly a first person shooter with elements of all that card game meta we've all come to love - now named Project 1v1.

A new top-secret competitive first-person shooter is in development by Gearbox Software, the creators of Borderlands and Battleborn.

Nothing else has been revealed but the artwork, some of which you can see below, seems futuristic and slightly organic. It will be an opportunity to stress-test the online infrastructure as well as learn what others think of the in-development project.

Three game modes will be playable: Ranked, Challenge, and Arena. As we can probably safely assume from the project's working title, it seems as if the game is exclusively centered around one-on-one play instead of team action.

Ranked: Match with an opponent based on player rating.

In Challenge mode, players will challenge a friend to an unranked match and in the Arena, players will be queued up to challenge the current Arena champion - and win to take their place.

With such little information, it's hard to get excited by this announcement, but you never know what to expect from Gearbox either, so it'll be interesting to see which side of the scale this one lands on.

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