Game of Thrones posts record ratings for The Spoils of War

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Agosto 9, 2017

But as the credits rolled, Jaime is sinking like a stone with all his battle armour weighing him down. As it turns out, all the buzz around the episode by those who saw the leak only drove more people to tune in this Sunday. Women tied rakhis on their brothers' hands and they, in return, showered their sisters with gifts. Is that because we want Jaime to survive?

The trailer for the next episode seems to promise even more action and surprises.

However, we can't say much about it because there are chances that Nikolaj Coster-Walda may be detracting movie buffs by giving them false hints.

We won't know more until next Monday.

The heart-pounding battle scene was brilliant - with Dany swooping over the Lannister army, raining down fire - but it also made us realise how divided our loyalties are. So much of it is not from dialogue or anything we wrote. Some of the stunt actors also talk about how to deal with being immolated - you have to hold your breath, and you have to remain as calm as possible, given the fear factor being on fire induces. In the promo, Tyrion looks incredibly uncomfortable when Daenerys declares people have to bend the knee or die.

Are the Starks falling apart? Bran, sorry, we mean The Three Eyed Raven talks purely in cryptic mutters.

When Littlefinger presented Bran with the dagger that had almost been used to kill him back in season 1, Bran spouted one of Littlefinger's own lines back at him: "Chaos is a ladder", he said, having never heard it in person. "I think in "Saving Private Ryan" they had 13 on a beach, and on "Braveheart" they had 18 partial burns".

But, to give him his dues, his character did share his own measley bit of rabbit with badass Faceless girl Arya Stark, and despite being a Lannister he seemed like a nice guy.

The show isn't known to shy away from incest, but it is unclear if it will go "all the way" with Jon and Dany. This game prepares participants for when they are closer to death on the battlefield. And the scene is one of the best in GoT history.

The fight pits dragon-riding Daenerys Targaryen and her Dothraki horde against Jaime Lannister and his army as the Lannister group attempts to take plundered grain and goods back to Queen Cersei.

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