FOX in Early Talks For King of the Hill Revival

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Agosto 9, 2017

This would be in line with the current television trend, as the past few years have seen revivals of Full House, and Will & Grace, as well as Fox's own The X-Files, 24 and Prison Break.

The series, which revolved around a propane salesman, his family and neighbors in Arlen, Texas, bowed in 1997 and ended in 2009.

Fox Television Group chairman Dana Walden told a group of reporters on Tuesday that the company has had a conversation with executive producers Mike Judge and Greg Daniels about staging a possible return for the comedy.

"I would like to explore that", Walden said about bringing the characters into the modern political and cultural climate. "Given what's going on in the country, [Judge and Daniels] had a point of view about how these characters would respond".

The meeting, Walden said, took place more than two months ago and was simply "exploratory".

For his part, Daniels is now an exec producer and showrunner on TBS' alien comedy People of Earth. "They were both excited about it, they're both working on a lot of things individually, and it's about finding time". It is FOX's third longest-running animated series of all-time, behind only The Simpsons and Family Guy.

"We are not ready to discuss it yet. That group was so close and that experience was so good with them, [but] I can say we've had no conversations, and they're all pursuing different things right now". "It's hard to just slide an animated show into that lineup and have people have the same goodwill that they have for a show that's been on for nearly 30 seasons now".

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