Days In, Most Americans Think Trump's Presidency Has Been A Failure

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 9, 2017

The Washington Post's headline (which the White House circulated in an email): "Under Trump, gains against ISIS have dramatically accelerated". But Trump's eastern base nevertheless has ways of boosting his popularity at home, and not only by hacking the Democratic National Committee and doing other things of interest to special counsel Robert S. Mueller III.

The surge underscores Trump's shaky political position not yet seven months into his presidency.

Republicans' approval of Trump is still high at 76 percent in the latest numbers but that is down from 81 percent in January. Trump is also relying more on Russian Federation than Obama did to keep Syrian government forces from interfering in the US -led coalition's fight against the militants. Poll-takers asked Republican voters in the state who they would support in 2020 primary. When even Trump's base is questioning its loyalty, Republicans in Congress might feel it's possible to oppose the president on certain policies.

Jeff Flake, said Monday that 2016 Republican senate candidates who did not back President Donald Trump during his presidential run and lost should serve as a "cautionary tale". That is down from Quinnipiac's June 29 survey, which showed the president with 55 percent disapproval and 40 percent approval. For example, 55 percent of those polled said that Trump has "lowered that stature of the office of the president", while only 17 percent believe that he has raised it. "We have to get the big items across the finish line". The Obama White House was justifiably criticized for its plodding micromanagement of military strategy. The bill is unlikely to ever become law, but that mattered little to Trump's advisers. Kelly's appointment was particularly welcomed by senior strategist Steve Bannon, who has taken on the task of ensuring Trump doesn't drift from the promises he made to his base during the campaign. The New York Times detailed efforts by some Republicans looking ahead to 2020, including Vice President Mike Pence.

Some of what the president has to offer his core supporters is more show than substance.

Since you are what you eat, we can verifiably say that Donald Trump's media diet is crap, but he at least seems fairly committed to watching negative segments about himself, if only so he has material for his regularly scheduled angry tweets. For now, the Secret Service is operating out of a command post on the sidewalk in front of the building as it "continues to work with GSA" to acquire a new location, an agency spokeswoman said.

"I want to apologize to the president for thinking his vacation is a vacation when plainly it's not", said Kimmel. He has turned to Twitter for tantrums about negative news stories, and has decried polls showing his pathetic approval ratings as "fake news".

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